Friday, August 14, 2009

Ambitious minds are false leaders

Ambitious mind imitates,copy and try to get some results while blooming mind originates,grows and develops to give new methods to solve the problems of man& society. it innovates & instills new vigour to explore the unknown aspects of life and universe.Ambitious mind deteriorates the personalities, societies,and the harmony among the man,society & environment while the blooming mind has the capability to eradicate the problems & evils of cultures & civilizations. humanity always go after blooming minds but the vested interests groups go after the ambitious mind. the level of intelligence & economic strength of vested interest groups has been lot much higher than man after humanity.Evils of cultures & civilizations also supports the ambitious minds .With the help of it these ambitious minds capture the top posts in political ,economical & religious fields in this way humanity is forced to be governed by ambitious minds & blooming minds do not get enough space & suitable thoughts to nurture itself