Friday, January 15, 2010

Eternal truth says, man has no limitations

My friend asked a question
What is your limitations?
Does anyone has limitations if so please elaborate.
My answer is-
Present thoughts and beliefs systems impose limitations on the man and society.
Some limitations are -

Natural limitations
You cannot choose when and where you will begin your life.
You cannot choose your species and sex.
You have to die.

Social limitations
Low social status will create lot of situational constraints before you.
Freedom of speech, in the cage of borrowed thoughts and indoctrinated beliefs.
Equality of opportunity in the world that is full of disparity.
Fraternity, only for those who can suits to your needs and desires
Thinking freely in the tune of eternal truth is rarest of rare phenomenon in this modern but orthodox world.
Stale and rotten thoughts and beliefs condition the human mind to hate and kill the humans in place of eradicating the evils by correcting the faulty thought systems and faith patterns.

But in the light of eternal truth man and society has no limitations, it is an eternal source of energy that reflects itself in the eternal curiosity and eternal love. Man is endless in all the directions. Man is a product of matter and energy and matter and energy are the integral part of eternal process of this evolutionary world.
Jesus is the beginning of evolutionary eternal love and Buddha is the beginning of eternal curiosity.
Socrateis, Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Stefan Hawkins, are the true stars of eternal curiosity.
Kabir, Nanak, vivekanand, and Gandhi are the stars of eternal love and curiosity.