Friday, October 23, 2009


God never discriminate but showers his love and curse in an unbiased manner .Greatest boon of the God to human being is that he has blessed him with eternal curiosity and love to get the guidance from the God but man has chosen their fear and greed to be their guide.
Sins and virtues are man made God has no interest in his subjective comprehensions of morals that men change from time to time just to hide their vested interest in ideological shields.
God the great ruler of the universe follows the rules of eternal truth very objectively in shaping the evolutionary process.
One can understand that the position of our planet on cosmic scale is negligible.
God exists but no body has faith upon him .that`s why nobody has courage to move ahead on the path of truth and justice. All the Hippocrates of the world wants to prove his existence just to protect their self interests but not to receive power to establish the rule of truth and justice in the inner world and external world.
God always give pains and profound love to every body without discrimination.
But sufferings and artificial pleasure are man made and man distributes them with discrimination.
The differences between God and you are -
He is eternal you are mortal.
God the eternal power build the whole and reshape the whole in full diversity. But you build the isolated fragments and reshape the isolated fragments at the cost of whole.
God is a great creator of the true self and infinite surroundings for the perpetuation of holistic life. you are great destroyer of the self and the surroundings.
Go deep within and out in the surroundings with sensitivity and then ask a question from yourself you are a true disciple of God or an evil in the skin of god believers!
You are a cancer of a planet or a helping hand of God!
You always take the care and mercy of god for granted without knowing the simple truth that God is helpless if you are adamant to cut the branch on which you sit, if you are adamant to kill the planet on which you live.
Whole world should listen again the old saying,
"God help those who help themselves"
One should have at least this much sense to differentiate between true faith and fake faith.
Faith is must because it comes from eternity.
But when you use this faith for the sake of senseless fears and greed’s it becomes a poison for a whole.
That’s what the human kind is doing in the name of faith .
Truth is that we are not faithful to god we are truly devoted to ourselves interest.
We are true Hippocrates in the skin of god believers.
God cannot be personalized like all other possessions. Because he is eternal he is available everywhere
But if any one says that he listens and responds to you individually he is a liar .
You go to the temple but do not have courage to step forward on the path of truth and justice.
You light the candle in the temple but never crave to enlighten your mind.
You open your heart and offer many things to god but never open your heart and intelligence to offer the fruits of development to the deprived sections maintaining their dignity and using their potential in true sense.
You worship the god you have designed to protect your self interests but never go ahead to discover the God who has designed the entire universe and you also.
Alas! Most of the People are true Hippocrates and not have courage to become truly faithful to God to go forward on the path of truth and justice.
But always wants his protection hiding themselves in the skin of fake spiritualism.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Arthshastra was written specially for rulers to make them able to ruthlessly consolidate and expand their rule all over in their surroundings.
But the stories of panchtantra are the folk tales of medieval period. Those are being told even in the modern period
Both the books advise the readers that don’t be superstitious in the name of god or the rituals but use them as a tool to exploit the superstitious community to enhance your acceptability as a leader in them.
Both the books are nice piece of work to understand the hold and acceptance of bounded intelligence, in the whole world.
Writers of both the books don’t have the vision about the finite resources of the planet
Writers of both the books show that any thing can be sacrificed for the sake of self interest.
Both the books develop the vision that success is ultimate and should be achieved at any cost.
Both the books trains and condition the human intelligence to play all the outrageous games in the mask of divine power or in the mask of truth and justice for all.
These books establish the fact that violence is must to get the solutions, and for all the evils, isolated men can be held responsible, and to maintain the peace they must be executed
Both the books make the man able, to efficiently manage the continuously fighting fragments, to write his own success story at the cost of whole.
These books don’t focus on the genesis of evils, to find out the lasting solutions for the humanity
In the light of eternal intelligence these books are very good piece of work for ambitious but bounded minds, in the world where the majority supports the norms and values of bounded intelligence, to get astounding success at the cost of whole (just like termites )
These books have enough potential to empty the inner world and external world of human kind and have no ability to develop the fruitful, vibrant, give and take relationship among the fragments and the whole.
So ultimately the norms and values of these books can’t help human kind to find out the lasting solutions for his very typical and multifaceted problems
In the light of eternal intelligence, the point of views of these books for modern world, that is equipped with enormous destructive powers, are just like knives in the hand of monkeys
Now Modern world should get aware that it has lot of poison in their thought patterns and feel patterns, supported by their cultures
21st century desperately requires the new knowledge to find out the lasting solutions to the problems modern world.
So the super minds of the world should come ahead and take up the responsibility to reduce the strength of poison present in the different cultures of the world and pave the way to new vibrant culture that can develop and maintain the basic principle of give and take for the longevity of whole.
And make the human kind able to leave the fruitful heritage for the generations to come .

Friday, October 16, 2009


Where there is no leadership the people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14)” Bible quotes
Above quote has born in the mind that is working in the world of bounded intelligence but has the empty ideal to safe the world. And would-
In the absence of leadership followers want their recognition in the society. And starts using the static wealth of knowledge (that is bound to decay in the world of bounded intelligence) left by the great leaders.
Firstly they put fear of fall in the mind of man and society and then conditioned them for safety .And blunt the possibilities for new leadership to emerge to take the man and society ahead from the point where the great leader has left the society.
The followers or the counselors make the late leader something like god and become his disciples to get the throne of counselors to enjoy the legitimacy given to them by the society in the absence of true leadership
These counselor can be compared with the so-called modern democrats they always shun the new knowledge and protect their power by banning the new knowledge to emerge in the name of culture ,in the name of maintaining law and order ,their schooling ,preaching, earning, and ruling patterns blunt all the possibilities for the emergence of new thought patterns .
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”- Bible quotes
It also means that world that is ruled by the rich would never become a kingdom of God so all the poor’s condition themselves to live in miseries in the hope that they would enjoy the fruits in the other utopian world of God.This is the thought that appears good for the people who are engulfed by bounded intelligence, well conditioned to enjoy the bounded intelligence. This thought has the potential to maintain the fake peace in the world that is full of disparities and deprivations without developing the time-bound blueprint to assure the human dignity to every person living in the world .Above quote make the environment suitable for the Hippocrates to rule the world without accountability to the deprived sections.And don’t support the environment to go ahead to find out new thought patterns that have inbuilt capacity to expose the Hippocrates any where any time .
This world has always been ruled by bounded intelligence it can be proved by the fact that
The true leaders has always been compelled to start their journey from the starting point bounded intelligence has never given them the opportunity to start from the point where the true leader has left the world
As swami vivekanand said
When you go on the path of truth man and society ridicule you, reject you and in the last accept you
It always happens with the true leaders because the bounded intelligence is capable enough to keep the eyes of man and society shut for eternal truth and keep the eyes wide open for their self interest ignoring the fact that their isolated success is always the scare in the eyes of other and is a greatest source of internal and external conflicts. That continuously sucks the energies of man and society. And turn it into a black hole or shrinking whole
Here I would like to say that the whole world is bound to be ruled by bounded intelligence till it not prepares his mind to apply the scientific outlooks or holistic outlook on their faiths, belief, hopes ideas, thoughts, and ideologies.
I assure the whole world don’t afraid in using the scientific and holistic outlooks in your daily life in the last you would get greatest gift of the God that would have the correct thought patterns where the Hippocrates would not survive and the emergence of the true leadership would become a process.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The man who is trapped in bounded intelligence and also considered as an intellectual leader in the mainstream of the present world will answer it in the words given below-
"I would like to be predictable for my own fragment ( sect, organization, institution....) to gain the faith of it and to assure it, ,just to make my credibility and leadership undisputable in the fragment.
but for other fragments I would like to be unpredictable to protect my secrets to gain and maintain the supremacy of my fragment on other fragments,at any cost.
The man with bounded intelligence is bound to sacrifice the truth for the realization of his fragmented goals ,this is a continuous process that is destroying the whole or the harmony of man , society and environment.
For the sake of his distorted self he is bound to wear different mask at different point of times.
Man with bounded intelligence can live in the illusion that he can remain unpredictable for others.
But before the man with eternal intelligence he is always predictable because eternal intelligence knows that bounded intelligence is always a poison for whole.
Now let me take up the case of man with eternal intelligence -
Man with eternal intelligence is always predictable for everybody because he lives wholesome life,he never breaks the rules of eternal truth,he is self disciplined and being a tool in the hands of god (eternal truth) spontaneously works for the sake of human being,society and environment in a holistic way .
But as eternal truth has kept the inbuilt element of uncertainty in designing the order of events, (without disturbing the holistic process) by taking a clue from here bounded intelligence can deliberately or ignorantly mistake him as unpredictable.
But the truth is that eternal intelligence has no need to wear the mask and has inbuilt mechanism to unmask the distorted selves any where in the world.
Now let me take up the case of me
"once human mind stretched to eternal intelligence he can never goes back to the original dimensions of bounded intelligence"
So my answer to this question is that-
I am always predictable for everybody in terms of process.


Most of us are just like the small fishes in the ocean don`t know the value of their surroundings, take birth and die without having the knowledge, how the surroundings are essential for their life, and significant for the perpetuation of life .
But fishes has liberty to do so because they can`t hurt the surroundings so the delicate balance between the fishes and the surroundings spontaneously maintained.
But the man can’t enjoy this liberty for long.
The human kind is eating the resources of this planet in much faster pace then the pace of planet to reproduce them again.
it is really going to be horrible for the generations to come.
Widespread disparity, uncontrolled population growth, and greed for conspicuous consumptions, multiplied with extinction of various kind of flora and fauna, and continuously increasing threats to life supporting cycles of mother nature is going to be a greatest challenge before human kind to protect and perpetuate the life in a peaceful manner in the years to come.
Green house effect, Global warming, Depletion of ozone layer and Melting of ice cover of the planet are the symptoms that are posing threats for the life at the planet.
Above mentioned problem is the greatest problem or riddle which is gradually developing to pose a greatest challenge before human intelligence.
Though this problem has been generated by isolated fragments, in that human being are well conditioned to live .but the problem has taken the global shape so the solution would be global.
Here the question arise how these isolated fragments would be able to reach a amicable solution when their thought patterns are still following the process of fragmentation. They are only wearing the mask of unity but in reality living with deep rooted conflicts.
Human race is now getting ready for another kind of great disorder in the world.
The first and second world war took place in the world history because of the insatiable greed of the concerned fragments to gain as much as they can.
Now the fearful isolated fragments have started thinking safe and secure their fragment as much as they can.
Global problems can never be solved in the framework of fragments, human kind must understand it as early as possible.
In place of dancing with the celebrities or highlighting them, super minds should start pondering with human kind and address the great questions before the humanity.
The quest for the new knowledge and thought patterns must be on that can tackle the problems holistically to bring about the peaceful and amicable solutions.
In this scenario it is must for human kind to be wise enough to get ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of truth.Only then human intelligence would be able to discover the new thought patterns in the light of truth for holistic survival of life on this planet.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spontaneous self confidence and Significance of the eternity in human life.

Spontaneous self confidence is an integral part of the eternity present in human body.That never goes high in prosperity or low in adversity. And has ability to face any kind of situation with keen curiosity keeping the intelligence fully alive with cool mind.It is an escalating cyclic whole which you can realize but can never build.But no doubt you can imitate it.That’s what we are doing in the absence of correct thought patterns.
The problem here is that man has forgotten that he is a greatest intelligent design of God enriched with enormous eternity in finite shape. In the absence of correct thought patterns he is mere a bundle of memories now. A mere tool in the hand of bounded intelligence.
Owing to unawareness about the eternity inside the finite body we fails to understand the eternal potential we have that can place us in a space to bloom like an escalating whole.
The feel that connects you to the work you are doing and you forget yourself in the work. This feel generate the spontaneous self confidence. That makes you free from fears, greed and preconceptions.
Your performances that time become astounding. It is only spontaneous self confidence that make jinna,osho, sachin tendulker amitabh,lata mangeshker …) when these people do there work they completely lost themselves in their acts. In the absence of correct thought pattern
These people enjoy the spontaneous self confidence in pieces. There is always the possibility that they feel very low in some situations .There are lot of example when celebrities commits the suicide.
So it is must for the whole world to know what the real self confidence is, what the eternity is ,and what the great role it can play in turning the history of human kind from shrinking whole to blooming whole.
In the present world when we have almost forgotten the eternity inside us. In the absence of correct thought pattern we are confused by present spiritual, or management gurus and they take us to the artificial meditation, artificial self confidence, artificial leadership qualities, and artificial management techniques, that are completely lacking spontaneous sensitivity, love and dignity of human being. These fake thought patterns make the human being instrument in the hand of insensitive institutions that exploit their potential in the booming period and kick them out in the adverse situations. These institutions are fair weather friends of human beings. Cannot handle the recession, depression, poverty, and hunger efficiently in terms of human dignity and human rights. Their performance charts are continuously revealing these cruel facts.
These institutions and thought patterns are flowers without fragrance that’s why I call them artificial flowers.
Once mark twain said, “If you are in a majority, it is a right time that you should start correcting yourself”.As far as human culture knows that in the entire universe Man is the only true piece of eternity in finite shape blessed with the quality to realize the eternal aspects of life.
Let me remind the whole world thathuman being is an eternal source of holistic energy .He is blessed with the eternal flowers of love, curiosity intelligence; confidence….God has blessed him with lot of eternal flowers in his finite body.But because all of us are trained by the insensitive cultures, we have to look at the things which are eternal in finite shapes.That’s why you always mistake in perceiving the eternal aspects of human being as a finite object, and start trying to build them like TV, car, dam etc.
Eternal aspects of human being can be discovered, revealed and can be realized but can never be build, or preserved like finite objects.In the absence of correct thought pattern eternal human intelligence very easily trapped in the wrong notions of insensitive intelligence that never wants him to become sensitive, and take advantage of you in the booming period and desert you in adverse situations.
Fragmented personalities feel artificially confident in the prosperity and feel low in the adversity.
Without realizing the eternal aspects you can only become the fragmented personality that cannot enjoy the wholesome personality .
But holistic personalities owing to eternity that has inbuilt nature to expand like universe,always enjoy the spontaneous self confidence to march ahead in any kind of situation. And has the ability to break every barrier that confines, and restricts eternal, infinite potential of human being.But as I mentioned earlier man has become a bundle of memories, deliberately or ignorantly he always restricts his eternal potential
.Let me take out one quote from the bundle of memories, man can do only those things about what he thinks.
Now it is up to human being that he should realize the eternity and expand like a universe or being a bundle of memories go to become a bonsai.

Monday, October 5, 2009


“evil is equally important” But the great question before human intelligence is in how much strength the evils are required.
Let me explain with the help of exampleIn human body doctor inject weak microbes to make your immunity stronger against the diseases. After that we can see human being can enjoy the good health.
Bounded intelligence always failed to answer this question, that’s why it has no practical thought pattern to keep the evils in their limit that is essential to flourish the humanity. And you see every where evils are growing out of proportion .But bounded intelligence provide safety cocoon for the fake leaders, managers, spiritual gurus to enjoy comfort zone, and also provide ideological shield to efficiently hide the insensitive self interest of powerful fragments .This ideological shield make the powerful fragment able to enjoy at the cost of whole and direct the whole towards destruction Bounded intelligence does not have the quality to develop the thought pattern to limit the evils in their boundaries because in the end it always become the victim of evils and start generating evils in other forms . that’s why the eternal intelligence is required because it has inbuilt capacity and insight to create spontaneously the thought patterns that can make the system, capable to keep the evils in their required limit,without giving them opportunities to grow out of proportion.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Love is an intrinsic quality of human being that is eternal, it never comes and goes. Once it is realized by human it is bound to bloom like an escalating whole to encompass the whole world. Its cycle can never go back. Love is like an eternal fragrance that can spread wider and wider, unable to confine in boundaries or in fragments.
Truth is that love has no opposites, but because love has been a very rarest of rare phenomenon in the history of human kind that`s why the spirit of the word` love’ has been robbed by the dominant cultures, people have forgotten the meaning of love and The word love degraded to the bottom.
The bonding between friends, husband and wife, parents and children is the product of affinity that is required to sustain the integral parts of the whole in the framework of whole and pave the way for the perpetuation of whole. Affinity is a basic instinct that is found in almost every living being. The love though exist in every human being but could not be discovered by humans due to the presence of affinity that always camouflage as love in the absence of true knowledge. The dominant culture has always been mistaken, affinity as love and do not know what the love is that’s why the human being an eternal source of holistic energy, don’t strive for it. It is a known fact that man can do what he thinks and understand. But due to unawareness about the love he fails to realize it.
Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi were the persons who in true sense realize the love and there love was not confined in boundaries and their love bloomed like an escalating whole.
If we sincerely understand the meaning of love and spread the meaning of love there is no doubt that in the coming years the man, an eternal source of holistic energy would strive to realize the love and the world would never starve for the persons like Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Whole world should listen carefully
“Deprivations breeds when you start developing fragment at the cost of whole”
Continuous breeding of deprivations is not unfortunate, it is deliberate and persistent approach of so-called intellectuals, leaders, spiritual guru and management gurus that always focus on deprivations fragmentally but never sincerely look into the process that is continuously breeding it.
In the absence of correct thought pattern, process of development is fragmented. That is continuously breeding various kinds of deprivations in all spheres of human life spiritually as well as materialistically. Stress, depressions, alienations, Poverty hunger and slums are also few out of them that are no doubt the illegitimate yield of fragmented development processes.
Fake leaders of whole but the true leaders of the developed fragments of the world in reality always stress to feed poor’s, only to keep them alive without human dignity to get their labor at the cost they want to give them .They never think sincerely to devise the system that can change the framework of fragmented development to framework of holistic development.
Deprivations are not the problem but symptoms. To feed the hungry people is a short term measure or a pain killer but can never be a lasting solution or remedy. The problem lies in the process that breeds the deprivations persistently.
In the present world, human intelligence has to become serious as well as sensitive to stop the continuous breeding of deprivations in different sphere of life. No doubt the factual changes has taken the fragments of present civilization to new soaring heights but it will not survive for long if the intelligence continuously remain insensitive for the qualitative changes that are desperately required for the perpetuation of whole .
These problems will remain until the leading forces in the diverse sphere of life does not get ready to correct and up grade their thought patterns in the directions that creates harmony among man, society, and environment.
The solution is to change the strategy of fragmented development, (that means develop the fragment in the fragment for the fragment at the cost of whole), to the strategy of the holistic development, (that means develop the whole for the whole in the whole without destroying the whole.)