Sunday, February 14, 2010

God is nothing but eternal truth.

Eternal truth is a source of universal rules that causes changes in every thing of this evolutionary universe and keeps the balance in the infinite microscopic and infinite macroscopic world. Eternal truth is above the subjective morality of different societies. This subjective morality is a source of bounded intelligence.
Biological matters in the different form of living and conscious organism are created under these universal rules. Human intelligence is a great product of eternal truth, which has the ability to explore the eternal truth by observing, inspecting, experimenting, examining the universal rules through eternal curiosity.
Eternal truth or God take care of the whole not the individuals or the groups of one kind of organism or culture. Annihilation and reinstallation are the integral part of eternal process just like birth and death.
Man and society has still to learn how to build various social systems to give free and self disciplined environment to grow the eternal potential of human being for the sake of man society and environment.
Modern societies are living in great illusions they are earning money for the sake of money, earning power for the sake of power, and have no time to think about their eternity and eternal treasure of it, eternal truth and eternal treasure of it.
We should never forget that the whole of matter and eternity in the form of curiosity and love in the human body has enormous potential to bring peace, harmony and lot of solutions for the various problems of man society and environment.

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