Saturday, November 28, 2009

My friend sends me a thought

A Nice Management Proverb: "A DOG will not hurt u,if u beat it with a bone ...." so se the right weapon to handle people .. Gud Mornini ..
My point of view over this thought is different-
Human beings are dog, lion, hawk ...) it is rule of ego that makes you to follow these disgusting thoughts and bound the people to behave in that way. But human beings are not built to match the qualities of other living beings.Other living beings can,t destruct or enhance the harmony of nature but can mantain the delicate balance of nature outstandingly.
Human beings are a greatest design of God who has enormous potential to rule the world. Human beings are free to rule the world in a way to enhance the harmony of man society and nature or to destruct it. Here you can see the other living being of the earth that are built by God to maintain ecological balance with blooming diversity, are doing so, but the human beings who were built by God to rule and enhance the harmony of world are doing negatively. Human beings are destructing the eternal potential of man, society and environment in the name of fake thoughts of so-called spritual, management, buisness, or political gurus.
Get awake now, before the point of no return come, and shun the rule of ego to go ahead on the path of truth realistically for true achievements beneficial for man society and environment immediately, directly and everlastingly.

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