Monday, November 16, 2009


Whole world should get aware, how the bounded intelligence forms the vicious circles and keeps the man and society, in the illusion of fragmented progress and fake hopes that in near future world would become a better place to live for every human being.
It is must for man and society to be aware that-
How the vicious circles are formed and perpetuated by bounded intelligence. It can be understood by going through the different stages given below-
First stage- bounded intelligence legitimates the discrimination among human being.
Second stage- accepts the deprivations in internal world and external world.
Third stage- recognizes the conflicts as a part and parcel of human being.
Fourth stage –divide the human being in good and bad category.
Fifth stage – kill and prison the bad human being in fake hope that world would become a better place to live.
Sixth stage- power and money plays a decisive role in deciding, whom the bad is.
Seventh stage- majority of man and society always follow the winner.
Eighth stage- majority sing the song in the praise of winner and connects his win or success to the blessings of god. The winner accepts the discrimination among human being on various grounds like caste, creed, race, sect, gender, nationality, religion, power; money…….to maintain, protect and enhance their empire) here the circle completes which is continuously destructing the delicate balance of man society and environment over the centuries.
Bounded intelligence a root cause of all the problems of human kind has spontaneous potential to keep the vicious circles alive in all the sphere of life. The vicious circles originate when greed and fear starts going out of proportion and complete their cycles when the success and win is connected to the blessings of god. Various vicious circles have great potential to convert the vibrant whole into shrinking whole.
When you start blaming others that time you are trapped in process, which takes you away from the hidden reality of the reproduction system of various kind of evils and problems of human being.
In the vicious circles, which are created by bounded intelligence, truth and humanity is always a loser but power and shrewdness is always winner. The cultures guided by bounded intelligence always show the victory of power, based on half-truth as a victory of truth. In this scenario evils gets the immediate protections and support of the dominant forces and enhance their power and empire but the virtues are either left stranded or assured to be winner in the near future.
TRUTH ALWAYS WINS (SATYAMEV JAYATE) is prime deception of the world ruled by bounded intelligence; in reality, a power and shrewdness always win.
Bounded intelligence has created lot of problems like superstitions, stress, tensions, despair, hate, jealousy, distrust, alienation, conflicts, ……in the internal world and poverty, slums, hunger, malnutrition, recessions, depressions, corruption, cultural and sub-cultural riots, terrorism, war… the external world of human kind but it has no solution to them. Never forget the man made external world and internal world are the projection of each other and god will never to solve problems of man and society. However, thanks to God who has blessed, only human being in the entire universe with eternal curiosity and eternal love to develop, grow and enrich the God made evolutionary whole.
But in the name of solution, bounded intelligence starts teaching you how to live with the problems. It has been continuously loading your mind with various kind of information and dodging tricks or techniques that kill your spontaneous curiosity and make you a bundle of memories to become your guide, as most of the problems are coming out of the bundle of memories that’s why the bounded intelligence has no potential to face and fade these problems. It always suggests living with these problems or don’t looking at them, looking only at the brighter aspects of your life, this approach is escapist that put all the garbage under the carpet instead of cleaning it out. It is a blunder to neglect the dark aspects of the life of man and society and focus only at the bright aspects. It is a very truth known to everybody that if you ignore your disease you would surely ruin your health.
You cannot compel or motivate the people to choose morality over utility in the present feel patterns and thought patterns. These patterns has been created, reproduced and transmitted to new generations by the cultures, guided and ruled by bounded intelligence. The people are bound to fulfill their needs at the cost of morality to maintain their survival.
Let me explain how the bounded intelligence keeps the man and society helpless and hopeless by the example of corruption. Most of the People in the democracy do not know the size of corruption; they are able to see is only a tip of the iceberg.
Most of the People in the democracy do not know that how the corrupt system suck most of their money, time and energy, compare to the criminals, damaging the public wealth without the protection of government.
According to one study Indian police takes bribe of 4000 crores,
But one person named Raju of satyam can suck 10000 crores.
A recent Telecom license and spectrum scandal has caused the loss of 22 thousand crores to the nation.
Now you can easily imagine how the corruption inside the system and the corruption under the protection of system paralyze the internal as well as external world of human kind and blunt the extreme potential of human being.
Get awake, the iron rule of bounded intelligence is continuously emptying the inner and external world of human kind.
The greatest question before the human intelligence is how to upgrade the thought patterns to make new efficient and dynamic cultures?The present cultures and ideologies are not assuring the man and society for the better future.So now, it is a duty and responsibility of super minds and youth to get ready for making new culture by learning from old cultures.
Undoubtedly, you can see the corruption less and discrimination free man and society.
However, the first and last condition is that you should have faith in human beings an eternal source of holistic energy, blessed with eternal intelligence and eternal love by great God.
To realize an evolutionary growth everywhere you have to become a man with eternal intelligence, a bounded intelligence does not let you a true human being an eternal source of holistic energy. Owing to bounded intelligence our political, religious and business gurus do not want us to get awake and don’t let us to become a true human being but keep all of us as broken pieces of the whole mirror.
True change can comes only from the space where external world and internal world lost there divisions. That time human being become a true piece of eternity in finite shape with enormous love and enormous intelligence able to shatter all the illusions and myths exists in feel pattern and thought patterns of every human being in scientific manner.
Majority of people can never initiate change.
Change always initiated by minority of super minds and majority follows them.
Do not wait that all of us will do the change; truth is that very few of us would bring the change in faulty thought patterns and feel patterns. These fake patterns have enormous capacity to bound the mind and intelligence of human being and make him tool in the hands of vested interest groups.
I am sure that human being has the enormous capacity to devise new thought patterns capable enough to expose the hidden self interests of fake religious gurus, spiritual gurus, management gurus, and political leaders of the world in the ideological shield of faulty thought patterns.
The day you will realize the great potential of human being and would march ahead to become a true human being all the empire of these fake gurus would crumble to pieces. Moreover, a great new culture would evolve on the foundation of eternal potentials of human being.
The first task before the super minds of the world is to stop the decaying process of whole by using eternal intelligence and then make the strategies for the evolutionary development of it giving full freedom to human intelligence to design the new norms, values and institutions to enhance the harmony among man, society and environment.
O great human being -
Come out from the utopian hopes of bounded intelligence and enjoy the realistic hopes of eternal intelligence,
Come out from the illusions of fragments and enjoy the splendor of evolutionary whole,
Come out from the fake actions of bounded intelligence and tune the real action of eternal intelligence to the god made evolutionary whole.

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