Saturday, November 28, 2009


Man and society with blunt sensitivity is a true disciple of bounded intelligence and Sensitivity an eternal flower withers in the rule of bounded intelligence. The visible symptoms of fake sensitivity are seen in our day today behavior when we make much hue and cry for even a slightest pain in our body but accustomed to overlook the great pain of humanity or other human being.
Bounded intelligence highlights the short sight of man and society in terms of fragmented self or self interests and blocks foresight and insight for whole some interests.
It convinces you, or makes you ready to be happy with very little and mostly fake achievement and make you and society a great killer of wholesome self and surroundings persistently.
In the environment of bounded intelligence self interests with the help of ego rules the world in the mask of humanity and gets the legitimacy from the human kind lacking the foresight and perception of whole some self or eternal truth.
Self interests coupled with short sight make the environment well suitable for the fake political leaders’ fake spiritual gurus’ fake managers and fake writers….)
Leaders and followers, gurus and disciples, writers and readers compliments each other, so the Market rule of demand and supply set in to pave the way for confirmation of buyers and sellers, giver and receiver. Here the developers of fragmented and fake political tricks and policies, meditation tricks, product and services, ritual practices or superstitious tricks, product and services and management tricks gets the huge market to develop the fragments (vested interest groups) at the cost of whole in the absence of correct thought patterns.
The above mentioned social phenomenon and processes produced a shrinking whole of man and society where on one hand you can have abundance of non essential products and services for the lavishness and extravagance of top class but on the other, terrible deprivation of essential goods and services-
reflects in lack of sanitation, health facility, pure drinking water, proper food, clothing and shelter for the poor class and majority of human beings.
As I always appeal I again appeal get awake all of you from the day dreaming shun the fake and baseless utopian hopes, faiths, of bounded intelligence, and starts believing in the eternal love, curiosity, intelligence of humans and look forward like Buddha and Jesus.
Go ahead and enquire they were not the God they were the very normal human being like you and me .Come on let us start the journey of eternal love and curiosity from the point where Jesus and Buddha left. We the greatest design of God have eternal potential to abolish the rule of ego, utopian hopes and faiths of shrinking man and society and to initiate the rule of eternal truth by the help of eternal intelligence to establish the platform for evolutionary growth of man and society.

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