Sunday, February 28, 2010

Capitalism and communism are bound to die in 21st century.

Capitalism gradully kills collectivity of the whole (man, society and environment) and develops the individuality like cancer cells; capitalism is deliberately or ignorantly insensitive to the longevity of surroundings and the whole. It deliberately promotes the development of strong fragments (these strong fragment in the form of elite class, elite nations, creates nexus of blind religion, power hungry but fearful politics and greedy profit oriented economy that` spontaneously breeds money, power and privileges for vested interest groups to suck and show mercy at the deprived section) at the cost of whole that mechanically breeds various kinds of deprivations in the form of poverty, slums, hunger, lack of drinking water, sanitation, health facilities, insecurity…) for weak fragments all over the globe and various environmental threats for all.Capitalism favors the individual but fails to tune it to the ground of collectivity, surroundings or the whole. And develop a man and society that is always ready to ignore very fundamental issues of humanity and the planet for the sake of their self interest. Thus Capitalism sucks the holistic collectivity of the humanity and keeps the whole fragmented for the sake of isolated but strong fragments.Communism kills the eternity of human being and develops the collectivity at the cost of eternal potential of human being; communism sucks the holistic individuality of humanity and blunt the ability to explore and develop the new thought systems and creates the strong impulse in deprived class to bring the rule of proletariat by killing aristocrats. Communism keeps the eternity of man fragmented and human intelligence censored for the sake of rigid thought systemBoth the ideologies are not able to address the infinite powers of creativeness of human being as an individual and as a society ,that’s why human being the greatest design of eternity wasting most of its energy in infighting internally as well as externally in the influence of both kind of ideologies and becoming more destructive day by day.“Both the ideologies has converted a man and society into a spontaneous machine that is swallowing itself with there both worlds inner and external.” Both the ideologies have inbuilt tendency to suck man society and environment.“Capitalism is nothing but distortion of individualism that sucks the dignity of human being and Communism is a distorted reaction of holistic instincts of human being against distorted individualism that sucks the freedom of human being.”As monarchy perished in the past, like that capitalism and communism are bound to perish in this century.Planet and humanity can't bear it for long, the finite resources of planet can’t feed the infinite greed of billions of termites in the form of human being .The only hope for humanity and for the generations to come, is that human intelligence should come out from the iron grip of these established but rotten ideologies and start thinking for new cultures and systems for the holistic growth of man and society. The humanity blessed with eternal intelligence has tremendous potential to develop the new cultures, ideologies for the holistic growth of human being and planet.

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