Thursday, March 18, 2010

power of imagination

Imagination without eternal curiosity leads man and society to blind faiths. This type of imagination can never bring peace, harmony and dignity to man and society. Unfortunately this type of imagination is ruling the ideologies of this world and the ideologies are ruling the world. The blind faiths coupled with self and vested interests spontaneously create the conflicting atmosphere and get support from the ruling ideologies.
These types of imagination fritter away the energy of man and society from various channels in creating and settlling the disputes for their own benifits.
That's why Einstien said, "imagination is more important than knowledge" because it is a powerful tool to remove the false knowledge.
On the other hand-
The Upanishad, Buddha’s logic,swami vivekanand's thought is the real example of imagination with eternal curiosity that always searches the eternal truth and exposes the false knowledge.
This world is full of false knowledge, to remove it eternal truth must be explored continuously with keen curiosity by super minds.
The imagination inspired with curiosity always explore the layers of infinite truth and produce Einstein, Bernard Shaw, Edward De Bono, Stefan Hawkins....).and make the concept of God more clearer to us.
It should be clear to us now that truth and god are synonyms and present every where to be explored continuously by human beings.
It should be now clear to the whole world that it is only truth that can bring peace, harmony and dignity to every human being.
So super minds should use their power of imagination to explore the eternal truth with spontaneous curiosity.

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