Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear Vikram
You said -
Actually I am a believer of one Buddhist thought that goes like: ''Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. Mysteries never open up for those who go on questioning. Questioner sooner or later end up in a library. ''
My answer is-What we call a mystery is not a mystery but the unknown aspects of eternal truth or the man made ego. When we explore the truth and reality behind, it becomes a part of our knowledge.
Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse were the mystery for ancient people till it was not explained by the scientific outlook. it is a well known fact that Mysteries always open up for those who keep on questioning. Those persons were the true human in the form of scientists like Newton, Einstein, Darwin, stefan hawkins…) And philosopher like, unknown thinkers of upnishshads, Buddha, Jesus, shankaracharya, swami vivekanand, J. krishnmurti, who had enriched the level of emotion, intelligence and knowledge of man and society by questioning the available knowledge.
It is strange for me to accept the thought mentioned above is a Buddhist thought, this thought does not reflect the spirit of Buddha. To explain my point let me take you in the ancient period.
Recitation and repetition of the early Vedic era and irrelevant rituals of later Vedic period compelled thinkers to revolt and they went to the forest, there they wrote Aryanyak granths. This text written in the forest became the foundation for the thinkers of upnishads who developed the art of questioning. That brought the human being nearer to perception of truth.
The persistent irrelevant rituals of animal sacrifice, yagya, caste system….of later Vedic period) and the truth seeking thoughts of Upnishads of that era developed the personality of Buddha. Who with his art of questioning refuted the Hippocratic practices and rituals of that age and convinced the thinkers opposed him.
Buddha said, “Never believe me or my thoughts, without enquiry never accept any thing”
Thought mentioned by you is a thought of the blind followers of Buddha who after his death distorted the vision of Buddha and made him god to enjoy the heritage of Buddha without effort and blocked the path that was opened by him to march ahead to discover the eternal truth by the art of questioning.
How the true and noble perception of great human being are misused, fake thoughts and there egoist meanings are developed to serve the self interest, can be easily understood by sensitive intelligence. I have tried to explain this phenomenon in the blog “iron rule of bounded intelligence”
You also said, actually I am a believer of one Buddhist thought.
I would like to say again human being is an eternal creator of thoughts which blooms and wither just like flowers. When you become a believer of thought, then and there you become a slave of your thought. And thought himself become your window to see the world in a manner to approve itself, with the help of other thoughts visible from that window. By moving on this path human compel his intelligence to be bounded which does not have the ability to see the whole or the truth.
Francois bacon has said the same thing in another word “The great challenge before human intelligence is that it has confirmative bias”.
Thought is nothing but a fragment of truth, so it has the shine of truth but don’t have the light enough, to show the right path for the humanity.
Humanity should start using the thoughts like instrument in place of becoming a slave of them.
Now again the question arise that on what human should believe? Man can’t live without faith because it comes from eternity.
The answer is man should believe in eternal truth. He should believe in his eternal potential of curiosity and love to explore the unbounded treasure of infinite truth in scientific and holistic ways like many scientists and philosophers did.
I have full faith in Human being, has eternal potential to come out of the clutches of the static, fragmented, deeply conflict-ridden, shrinking cultures of the bounded intelligence and to expose all the Hippocrates including you and me and create the new dynamic cultures, spontaneously changing according to the need of the hour using art of questioning in scientific and holistic ways.
Undoubtedly we can have faith in holistic thought patterns and procedures and scientific outlooks to explore the eternal truth for the sake of man society and environment in place of fragmented thought patterns and traditional and conformist outlooks.
You said-
Now the point is that, that claims and challenges can only be made when we talk about something that works on cause and effect principle of tangible things. But when we talk about feelings, emotions, intelligence or any of their ilk then there are no set parameters defined to measure the quantum of results.
My answer is-
You are correct, claims and challenges can only be made on cause and effect principle of tangible things. It is true that you cannot measure the feeling, emotion, and intelligence like matter. but it is also true that feeling emotion and intelligence has enormous potential to create the social systems and reshape the surroundings, means if thought patterns and feel patterns are corrected then all of us would be in a situation to create much better cultures able to work constructively. Our present cultures are not working constructively they are destructing the man society and environment everyday.
Let me prove my point by some known but deliberately ignored facts-
Bounded intelligence has made the man and society so fearful that the budget on internal and external security is more than 30% of total outlay, while the budget allocation for education is 4% of total outlay in India.
Present man and society are so greedy that 80% of total income of the world is used by the top 20% of the total population while the 80% population has to manage in just 20% of the income, in this so-called democratic world.
Ego or bounded intelligence has used the human intelligence in destructive mode in place of enriching the man society and environment. Now only few most powerful persons can destruct the whole planet many times but all of us cannot make all the deserts green. It shows how helpless we are in the hands of the brutal system that can kill us and the surroundings in seconds but cannot create the atmosphere to built and enrich all of us.
One third population of this so-called democratic world is living in very agonizing conditions.
Expenditure on a soldier is more than 15000$ while the expenditure on a child is 300$ in this so-called secured world.
Expenditure on liquor and tobacco products and to cure the disease caused by these products is so much that by less than half amount of this expenditure, the whole deprived population of the world can have there basic needs fulfilled.
Essential services required to fulfill the basic needs of deprived human beings are always neglected but nonessential services and products to fulfill the greed of wellbeing class are shamelessly advertised and marketed.
Ego makes the human being crazy for power, profit, fame and security at the cost of other living being including the humans and the planet.
The present man made world is a projection of ego, without exposing the ego we cannot make the environment conducive for the truth and eternal intelligence to use the eternal energy of man and society in constructive manner.
All the present religious, economical, political and management systems are reinforcing each other under the guidance and control of ego and creating such a mega system that has enormous capacity to bound and condition the human intelligence to work for own sake at the cost of other knowingly or ignorantly .
This mega system is just like the cat and all the human beings are rats, who will bell the cat. Jesus, Socrates, Gandhi, are the examples who tried to bell this brutal cat, manjunath, satyendra dubey …are the various known and unknown examples.
Only scientific and holistic thought patterns can expose the present ego based philosophies of god, religion, culture and traditions, capitalism, communism…
In the last I would like to say that ego based systems can stop the true persons but-
Nothing is powerful than a thought system of eternal intelligence whose time now has come and I am sure that all the forces of the fake and ego based systems of the world can’t stop him.
Come on human beings,stop fighting and killing each other, give space for different thought system to fight, perception of truth and reality will come out spontaneously.


  1. 快樂是你與生俱來的權力,它不應該取決於你完成什麼。 ..................................................

  2. 每個人生命中都可能遇到貴人,這些貴人不一定真的尊貴,他可能是陌生人,也可能是你的敵人。........................................

  3. 人應該做自己認為對的事,而不是一味跟著群眾的建議走。 ..................................................