Thursday, March 18, 2010


It is an illusion that life is what we make it. In fact in the world of bounded intelligence, life is what we are bound to make, to protect, maintain and consolidate our individual survival really at the cost of others fallaciously at the name of other.
But in the world of sensitive wisdom the statement “life is what we make it" is true. Buddha and Jesus had never compromised with the bounded intelligence of their time but grew their intelligence and love till they remain alive. And made their life what they wanted to make it.
Present cultures and civilizations are continuous failing to understand who their heroes are or who should be supreme role model for them.
For them money power success is ultimate.
It is well known fact that these things can be got by unfair means but you can never become Buddha or Jesus by using unfair means.
Our present fake leaders of politics, economics, management and religion are not ready to tell us truth behind their masks, they has very effectively replaced the sensitive wisdom by the knowledge, required to get success, money and power in the tune of insensitive market for fulfillment of their vested interests.
Buddha, Jesus, Nanak, Vivekanand, mahatma Gandhi were the persons with sensitive wisdom, the real heroes or the leaders of human kind.
The present leaders of politics, religion, management, and business are the persons of bounded intelligence and the fake heroes who can never enrich the humanity and the natural resources of the planet but can make the human being insensitive to human and surroundings, and suck the green land, pure water, pure air very efficiently for their own benefit with short term vision at the cost of planet, without thinking about the welfare of the generations to come.
Day after day humanity, sensitivity, and the resources of the planet are decreasing but even though bounded intelligence is successful in keeping the human mind trapped in the utopia that it will bring heaven to this earth.
Come on human kind get up and march ahead from utter knowledge of bounded intelligence to ever growing knowledge of sensitive wisdom.
So that the Buddha and Jesus in you should get awake and enhance the sensitivity, humanity, and greenery of this planet.

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  1. 我真心在追求我的夢想時,每一天都是繽紛的。因為我知道每一個小時都是實現理想 的一部份。 ....................................................