Monday, September 28, 2009


Truth always come before you in its bare form. it is beautiful wonderful and awesome at the same time.
Its beautiful form creates the joy in every being without discrimination,but uncoordinated extension of greed for joy ,in the mind of man ,develops such the intelligence that starts discriminating and starts turning holistic world into fragmented world.
The awesome form creates the fear ,and uncoordinated detention of fear in the mind produced such the intelligence that starts killing everything that appears to be fearful,this process has reached to the point where man & society has deep fear from other man & society. Sometimes the fear in the mind of man reached to a point that he commits the suicide. It is an excessive fear that makes man ready to kill his own species .
The wonderful form of the truth creates curiosity in the mind that activate the intelligence to discover and explore .
Greed and fear are always highlighted by culture that blunts the curiosity and misguide the intelligence to understand the truth in its true form .Misguided intelligence develops the civilization but cannot save them . It produces only structural changes in civilizations not the qualitative changes.
Misguided intelligence always destructs the harmony among the man society and environment.It never allowed, man to see the truth in its bare form and show us only what our greed and fear wants to show us.Remove the dirt of greed and fear, your curiosity will make your eternal intelligence ready, to take you towards the eternal truth and will certainly help the man and society to convert this fragmented world into holistic world.
Comment by Shaleen Kumar Singh on September 12, 2009 at 9:00am
A marvellous inquiry into the world of Truth!
Comment by Frank Joussen on September 14, 2009 at 12:29am
Dear Brijesh,thank you for inviting me to become your friend. I feel very honoured. As to your latest blogpost: it is a posy of philosophical thoughts and I only have the time to comment on 2 aspects: "fear is a bad adviser" is a German adage which you prove right on all counts. The second thought also comes from Germany: the philosopher Immanuel Kant said, "only the whole is the truth." In YOUR country you know how important that thought is, but the rest of the world must relearn it asap.
Comment by brijesh rajput on September 15, 2009 at 5:54am
Dear FrankI am privileged; you accepted my request and shared your valuable opinion.Truth remain the same either Germany or India or rest of the world. You very correctly said “Only the whole is the truth “rest of the world must learn it asap.history proves that world cannot learn it on its own, I feel that, the super minds with eternal intelligence wherever they may be, can scientifically show and prove before leading forces of the entire world that you can build the fragment but cannot save them. In the last you will lose both the fragment and the whole. Future of human kind is safe only in the hand of holistic vision and action. Super minds and leaders of the entire world have to, so that the entire world learns it ASAP.
Comment by Shernaz Wadia on September 15, 2009 at 10:16am
Dear Brijesh,The sad truth about 'Truth' is that only highly developed souls and minds grasp it in its entirety. To the rest of us it comes in fragments and unfortunately each one believes that his piece is the 'whole truth' and even more unfortunately the ONLY truth. Over the centuries, realized minds have tried to lead us toward a holistic union, but in the names of those very teachers we fragment humanity further. How much worse can it get? One can only hope that once a saturation point is reached the way is only towards holistic integration.
Comment by brijesh rajput on September 15, 2009 at 6:31pm
Dear shernazSo many early civilizations went extinct when they reached to their saturation point. But no way came into light towards holistic union. Present civilizations are greatly destructive with very weak defense mechanism. Saturation point for these cultures and civilization might be a point of no return.Logical hope is that now human intelligence is equipped with both the outlook, scientific and philosophical, the union of these outlooks will do wonder for the great future of human kind.It is only a matter of time that-Truth will never remain only for the highly developed souls and minds, any body would be in a position to understand it in a scientific manner, and realize it in philosophical manner and evaluate his or others actions in the light of truth .And then no leading force would be in a position to manipulate the truth and fragment the humanity further.
Comment by jitendra arolia on September 18, 2009 at 10:46pm
sir awesome experience to read them
Comment by Bill Gough
A pleasure to greet the morning here with my readings of your initial post and the thoughtful responses in here.I've been thinking lately of my paternal Grandmother, Alice - and the things she, although not 'schooled', taught me when I was a little boy. They were mainly communicated without words to evoke the context of the question; rather, her life provided the context. If a needy person arrived at her doorstep, she would anticipate the question and before charity was requested, she'd extend an invitation to that person to enter her small home. A meal was always ready, as if the guest had been expected, and the invitation extended far in the past - the guest arriving at the perfect time. My grandfather would arrive home from his work in the Mill & find that his clothes had, once again, been given away. He'd pretend to be astonished, but laugh as he saw the magical disappearance of a favourite shirt, a warm jacket.When I was in sorrow, she knew at once what I was feeling and taught me that her humour was the very best medicine. She respected all religions and all peoples and also all the non-religious of the world. She taught me how to 'read' cards, become acquainted with the way that fate traces lines upon the hand, she showed me how to 'cast off' warts, played music at home and in later years if I was sick in a distant city her phone call would be at the perfect time, just when I needed it. She 'knew' without being told.Largely invisible, she remembered all children's birthdays and was a friend to all. What I find of great interest now, as age begins to burn off some of my dross, is how she remained invisible in the news of the world, the gossip of the 'great' - and yet, I believe, she was luminous, tapping a very old science, in which all was linked, a science where we participated in all we were doing, working out things in our own necessary way as we stumbled towards the essential questions.As I look at our recent gimpses of a planet that does not spin, of a globe of equal fire and ice; of the way that dark matter is not a mere builder nor destroyer, but pulsing through our weary veins, it merely confirms what I saw in everyday actions of everyday people; such people as my grandmothers appeared in no newspapers, were somehow outside civilization's 'time' - had no blogs, spoke of no philosophy - but their lives were cosmic in scope. Some of her children died, others lived, she was never rich but gave much, she could make me laugh till new tears of joy replaced old tears of sorrow. I am still seeking what she knew, but never told in words, and I believe that in the midst of all our current news, we may 'discover' what she, in the hidden bones, knew.I see today's cards being placed upon a table, and I think of her reading of what is being played out right now on all the stages of the world. The cards are somehow new and old at the same time. And time herself has left. No past; no future; not even now. My grandmother, though long dead, still cuts the cards, listens to the questions, welcomes all to her door. All over the world, in every city, in all towns, on the long-distance bus where our legs cramp and we dole to ourselves the food required for a long journey. I hear the voices of all grandmothers, and know that even NASA is riding on each grandmother's sturdy shoulders; that somehow, her braided hair is a sort of DNA - a language of the moment that transcends words & time & books. It's most likely the time, from what I see, to notice all the grandmothers. They need only to be asked our questions.
Comment by Shernaz Wadia
Bill, your interesting comment is almost a blog in itself. My salutations to your grandmother. I can fully empathise with what you have said here because my maternal grandmother was like that - wise, caring, giving. It's been decades since she passed away, but what she taught, mostly silently, is relevant more today than it was perhaps in her days. She had taught each of us to recite our formal prayers, the ritualistic ones and at the end to add just a short prayer of her own - Lord bless the entire world and me with it. I have forgotten most of the ritual prayers, but this simple, beautiful one has stayed with me till today. Three cheers to such grandmothers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pay a tiny tribute to mine, on this platform.
Comment by Bill Gough
Thanks for sharing :) My salutations to her as well.
Comment by brijesh rajput
I am enchanted that both of you shared with me your syrupy memories of noble grand mothers. Undoubtedly they were the angle of nature. Their emotion, thought and action bloomed in the entirety of eternal context .They reminds me the great and grand Mother Nature that always has something for every being but it is only bounded human being that is continuously sucking it to death without giving any thing relevant for the survival of mother nature that spontaneously nourishes the life in full diversity.I salute your noble grand mothers ,hoping that their noble emotion s, thoughts and action would light the intelligence of mankind to correct their thought processes and go ahead to build the new culture that has the insight to enjoy the fragrance and fruits of progress in the tune of blooming nature.

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