Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What does DEVELOPMENT exactly mean?

Development is a word that is undefined, once it is defined in a scientific manner present ideologies ruling this world will go bare and crumble to pieces.Definition of development for so called developed fragments is to enjoy, deliberately or ignorantly the bliss of so called god and crave for materialistic gains in terms of power and money at the cost of whole, leaving behind various kind of deprivations in the form of hunger, poverty,depressions, recessions ….For deprived fragments this so-called development is meaningless they are bound to live without human dignity.Present sense of development has very little significance for developed but certainly a torture to humanity.Development is not an event; it is an escalating cyclic process, triggered by true intelligence of man that grows on whole without leaving any sign of man made deprivations. True development always maintains the harmony among man, society and environment.

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