Monday, September 28, 2009

The pain of integral piece of eternal truth

When I came to this world
I was the true integral piece of eternal truth.
Later I came to know
When I entered to this world’s I was crying My mother and I were in pain.
When I came to my senses
I was flying in the eternal magnificence of this universe
I was hiding when I feel danger
I was exploring when I find something strange
I was toiling to catch beautiful thing
In the early year of my childhoodMy insight, dedication and action were divine
But as I grew young
I went away from the action of divine perception
Now I am an adult fully away from the truth
But engulfed with worldly ills and evils
That are strong enough to force me
To be away from the actions of divine perception.
O true infinite world of intelligence ignite
Remove the dirt of evilsAnd take me from fake actions to actions of divine perception.
I came to this world as a live integral piece of eternal truth.
I wish I would mingle in the eternal truth as an integral piece of truth

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