Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why the cultures always starve for personalities like Buddha Jesus and Gandhi?

In the world history you will find lot of destroyers but the builder like Buddha,Jesus,Gandhi,are very rare.
Who is responsible for this?
I think that
leading forces in disguise never likes such creative forces and misguide man and society in the skin of mainstream culture and exploit it to quench its insatiable thirst for power, money and ecstasy of so-called god, and always discourage and crush the tendencies that can show the way to humanity and lead to build the personalities like Buddha Jesus Gandhi .
Sensitivity towards the whole will starts producing the personalities like Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi. Over the centuries humanintelligence is focusing on the development of isolated fragments in the foolish hope that developed fragment will work for the development of whole.It is a myth that developed fragment is capable to work for the progress of whole .History of human kind shows and prove it. Developed fragment, the product of insensitive intelligence, has no insight or the scientific temprament to feel the danger of shrinking whole and not capable to realize that their fragmented solutions are adding more pain to injury, always fail to develop the strategies for the development of whole. In this alarming situation human intelligence has to upgrade its notions towards the whole and work hard to come out of the iron grip of insensitive outlook towards the whole. And tune the progress of whole with the progress of its different integral parts

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