Friday, October 23, 2009


God never discriminate but showers his love and curse in an unbiased manner .Greatest boon of the God to human being is that he has blessed him with eternal curiosity and love to get the guidance from the God but man has chosen their fear and greed to be their guide.
Sins and virtues are man made God has no interest in his subjective comprehensions of morals that men change from time to time just to hide their vested interest in ideological shields.
God the great ruler of the universe follows the rules of eternal truth very objectively in shaping the evolutionary process.
One can understand that the position of our planet on cosmic scale is negligible.
God exists but no body has faith upon him .that`s why nobody has courage to move ahead on the path of truth and justice. All the Hippocrates of the world wants to prove his existence just to protect their self interests but not to receive power to establish the rule of truth and justice in the inner world and external world.
God always give pains and profound love to every body without discrimination.
But sufferings and artificial pleasure are man made and man distributes them with discrimination.
The differences between God and you are -
He is eternal you are mortal.
God the eternal power build the whole and reshape the whole in full diversity. But you build the isolated fragments and reshape the isolated fragments at the cost of whole.
God is a great creator of the true self and infinite surroundings for the perpetuation of holistic life. you are great destroyer of the self and the surroundings.
Go deep within and out in the surroundings with sensitivity and then ask a question from yourself you are a true disciple of God or an evil in the skin of god believers!
You are a cancer of a planet or a helping hand of God!
You always take the care and mercy of god for granted without knowing the simple truth that God is helpless if you are adamant to cut the branch on which you sit, if you are adamant to kill the planet on which you live.
Whole world should listen again the old saying,
"God help those who help themselves"
One should have at least this much sense to differentiate between true faith and fake faith.
Faith is must because it comes from eternity.
But when you use this faith for the sake of senseless fears and greed’s it becomes a poison for a whole.
That’s what the human kind is doing in the name of faith .
Truth is that we are not faithful to god we are truly devoted to ourselves interest.
We are true Hippocrates in the skin of god believers.
God cannot be personalized like all other possessions. Because he is eternal he is available everywhere
But if any one says that he listens and responds to you individually he is a liar .
You go to the temple but do not have courage to step forward on the path of truth and justice.
You light the candle in the temple but never crave to enlighten your mind.
You open your heart and offer many things to god but never open your heart and intelligence to offer the fruits of development to the deprived sections maintaining their dignity and using their potential in true sense.
You worship the god you have designed to protect your self interests but never go ahead to discover the God who has designed the entire universe and you also.
Alas! Most of the People are true Hippocrates and not have courage to become truly faithful to God to go forward on the path of truth and justice.
But always wants his protection hiding themselves in the skin of fake spiritualism.

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