Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Astrology false but highly money-making product of bounded intelligence

Astrology is nothing but the illusion of bounded intelligence or the guess work in the skin of science. It is a poison for eternal curiosity and eternal love and has tremendous potential to blocks the scientific outlooks; it reinforces the bounded intelligence and provides an ideological shield for fake leaders and gurus.
Astrological predictions can’t enhance the quality of life but has enormous potential to make you fool on the very simple ground that lot of people believes on this.
Astrology is a residual of ancient outlooks has no substance that can face the scientific procedures but because most of the people even in the modern world don’t apply scientific outlooks on the ancient knowledge and it is a saleable item also that’s why it is still existing just like various other superstitions.
Scientifically you can predict the direction of social process but even science can never predicts the course of social events, when, where and how the event would happen exactly.
Eternal truth that is behind the evolutionary process of this universe always keeps the uncertainty; in course of events it is a scientifically approved fact.
But when astrologer and the supporters of astrology say that astrology is a science they negate the principle of uncertainty. Either they don’t know the nature of science and scientific outlook or they are the true disciple of bounded intelligence not interested in the process required to know the truth.
Science is not capable to predict the course of natural and social events. But on the basis of science, astrology claims it can predict the future of human being. Without any scientific evidence it is ridiculous to say that astrology can predict the course of events.
How a sensible person can accept that astrology has the potential to predict the uncertainty which even science can’t predict.
Let me explain the uncertainty of eternal truth by the example –
Look at the evolution of life on this planet
In the first phase of life dinosaurs dominates the planet but human being was nowhere in the scene.
In the second phase of life human being as Homo sapiens appeared about 40000 years ago among the different kind of flora and fauna.
Compare both the process of evolution of life that happened on the same planet you will see that second phase of evolution is quite different from the first one. It shows that eternal truth always keeps the course of events unpredictable.
Astrology is nothing but the illusion of bounded intelligence because most of the people have illogical faith on it that’s why it is still alive like various other superstitions.
Astrology never follows the scientific procedures; astrology has no scientifically approved principal or a theory that’s why the fake knowledge of astrology is used by different astrologers in different ways to exploit the greed and fear of man and society.
Do one experiment with your astrologer-
Take a coin, throw it and ask your astrologer which way the coin would fall. You too forecast which way the coin would fall. You will find that your guesswork is not poor from the guesswork of the astrologer.
Do the second experiment with your astrologer-
Pick the four ants and tell your astrologer that you are going to kill the two ants, can he predicts which ants are going to be killed.
Do third experiment with your astrologer-
Take out your fully loaded revolver and pick three bullets out and revolve it, now ask your astrologer that can he predict when the revolver would kill him and when not.
I am sure your astrologer would runaway from the site and will never face to the direction where he will see you.
Thousands of experiments can be made by eternal intelligence to baffle the fake knowledge of the astrologers.
Scientifically you can predict the direction of social process but can never predicts the course of events, when and where the event would happen exactly. When and where terrorist will make successful attack, when saddam would be hanged, when laden would be killed or be caught, when society will respect the dignity of every human being, When the man and society would be ruled by the leaders of the eternal intelligence on the ground of wisdom and nonviolence nobody can predicts exactly.
Astrologers always use the greed and fear of the human being, and in the world of bounded intelligence they can easily convince their clients. Astrology can survive only in the world of bounded intelligence. In the world of eternal intelligence astrology can’t survive.
When most of the people would come out of these faulty thought patterns, definitely on that day we would go one step ahead for the making of the better world.

1:Brijesh ji,I have read your article many times to know the message, but sir; I sincerely apologize to differ from you. However, neither do I have any knowledge of Astrology nor do I have a solid science background, still I feel that things are actually not the way as we see them, because we are really far from the vision that is required to know ETERNAL TRUTH.You have said that “Astrology is a residual of ancient outlooks has no substance that can face the scientific procedures”, how many ancient outlooks can a modern man describe?It is a very bold statement and any bold statement ought to be supported by logical facts. In fact, the BOUNDED INTELLIGENCE is the intelligence which does not let a person see the reality….or that does not allow a person to see out of four walls of his ego, ignorance and greed. Sir, no offence but you or I do not have those eyes to judge things from critics’ angle, I am writing all this because I really did not find this article, adhering to the required norms….By no means, do I wish to challenge your authority over the subjects or your intention to share them.I hope you would understand the motive of this reply. I have read many of your blog and more or less I am in agreement with most of your school of thoughts….but not with this one.I again apologize for being so upfront…All the Best!!!Vikram

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