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I am very happy to accept your kind and polite challenge. respectfully I would say that you should not apologize if your school of thought differ from my thoughts .here I would add one more thing that there is nothing personal in different school of thoughts, but because of the ego of so-called intellectuals, all of us are bound to speak or write in such a manner.
In the world of ego or in the trap of the bounded intelligence we are not left the eternal creator of thoughts but mere a bundle of memories or the slave of our thoughts, in the lack of correct thought patterns. Self respect and your present thoughts are different things your self respect will remain with you till you survive but as you are an eternal creator of thoughts, your thoughts will bloom and wither just like the realities and you will march ahead on the perception of truth till you survive on this beautiful planet.
The only substantial difference between true intellectual and fake intellectual is that true intellectual always entertain the thoughts that opposes his perception of truth and very curiously examine, analyze, inspect, observe and experiment each and every thought to explore the eternal truth.
The great question lies here before the super minds is to find the truth behind the god made world and the reality behind the man made world to make this world a better living place for all.
For the seekers of truth, ego of intellectual is irrelevant the only relevant thing is to explore the truth at any cost. As swami vivekanand said, “Any thing can be sacrificed for truth”
Now let me come to your present point of view, you expressed here in the reaction of the blog Astrology false but highly money-making product of bounded intelligence
I said that “Astrology is a residual of ancient outlooks has no substance that can face the scientific procedures”,
You said “how many ancient outlooks can a modern man describe? It is a very bold statement and any bold statement ought to be supported by logical facts”
I think that before going through the other ancient out looks it would be better to focus on the astrology.
I raise some questions here for the supporter of astrology and astrologers-
If astrology claims it is a science why it does not adopt the scientific procedures and the confirmation tests to develop the principal and theories.
If it is not the science then what is, it is intuition or the illusion of bounded intelligence.
I challenge on this forum nobody can predict the course of social and evolutionary natural events because unpredictability is a rule of eternal truth. If any body differ my point of view come ahead and prove me wrong by predicting the course of social and natural events of the human beings and other living beings of this planet.
I hope that seekers of truth will come ahead to prove me right or wrong with straight forward scientific and logical facts.
Now let me come to your next thought-
You said that- how many ancient outlooks can a modern man describe?
The answer is-
Blind faith is also a residual of ancient’s outlooks, which kill the curiosity and bound the human being to act in superstitious manner. when a person offer a crown worth crores of rupees to the statue of man made various gods ,he has all the rights to say that he can spent his money in his own way but a sensible person will not accept these practices of wasting money in the name of so-called faith.
It was the blind faith of so called modern man when they were feeding lord ganesha with milk all over India and abroad.
The false stories of Lunar and solar eclipse are known to all. Sun is a star but astrologers claim it to be planet.
Untouchability and caste system are also residuals of ancient thoughts.
Tantra and human sacrifice, secondary status of women are also residuals of ancient thoughts,
The list is very big but I think the massage I want to give would be clear to all who are in agreement with you,
Now let me come to some holistic thoughts of ancient wisdom which are used by so-called modern intellectuals very often without knowing and using the true spirit of thoughts.
“VASUDHEV KUTUMBKAM” means the whole world is a family.
“JEEVAN SATYA SHODHANAM” means life is to explore the truth.
“Don’t hate the human being hate the evil” this thought tells us to explore the roots and genesis of evil in place of killing the human beings as a threat to humanity in the name of ego based identities of caste ,creeds, races, sects, cultures, subculture, elite class, deprived class…….)
The truth is that identity of human being is lost and the human being an eternal source of holistic energy is continuously shrinking to ego based identities and creating destruction every where in the name of communalism, naxalism, terrorism, war, law and order, communism, capitalism, blind faiths………)
You can visualize and realize by your curious and sensitive intelligence, the poisonous residuals of ancient thoughts coupled with modern destructive technology, are rampaging everywhere killing the humanity and planet senselessly.
But I claim and challenge the whole world, they would never be able to realize and visualize the elixir of ancient thoughts without adopting the path of nonviolence and truth with the help of inbuilt eternal intelligence of human being, to correct there thought patterns and feel patterns to unravel the grip of ego.
Present human being is just like a Hanuman of Ramayana who did not know his enormous strength,
I again appeal the whole world go ahead and enquire, the jesus and buddha were the very normal and common human being like you and me, so get awake and start the journey from the point where jesus and buddha left.
Now let me come to your third thought-
You said “Still I feel that things are actually not the way as we see them, because we are really far from the vision that is required to know ETERNAL TRUTH.”
My answer is-
It is the ego or the bounded intelligence that makes the distorted vision that is incapable to realize the eternal truth. Eternal truth is every where inside or outside, in the microscopic world and macroscopic world, in the finite bodies and in the eternity. we are not far from the eternal truth it is again the bounded intelligence or the ego that compel us to think, feel and visualize the whole not as a whole but in isolated fragments.
In my very first blog from fragment to totality I dealt with this problem that has been challenging the human intelligence over the centuries.
I am repeating that blog to clear my point of view.
Universe, environment, nature, life, man & society are a process not the events in isolation. When we think in terms of process we connect to the eternal process of evolution that helps us to understand the different happenings in a broad and true manner. But when we focus to events in isolation without knowing it’s scientific connection to the eternal process we fail to understand it’s evolution in true manner .The event based studies always produce the fragmented picture of totality.
It is the ego that fragments the whole in all respects, but eternal truth unifies the diversity to continue the eternal evolutionary process.
In conclusion I would like to say that The elixir of ancient thoughts is capable enough to develop the perception of truth and when it is joined with the scientific outlooks and procedures (the great invention of modern man) it generate the enormous potential in human being to kill the ego or bounded intelligence from every spheres of life.
I always feel happy from the core of my heart when sensitive personalities like you challenge me.I hope that you will not quit in the middle of discussion. I am waiting for your kind message.

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