Thursday, October 1, 2009


Whole world should listen carefully
“Deprivations breeds when you start developing fragment at the cost of whole”
Continuous breeding of deprivations is not unfortunate, it is deliberate and persistent approach of so-called intellectuals, leaders, spiritual guru and management gurus that always focus on deprivations fragmentally but never sincerely look into the process that is continuously breeding it.
In the absence of correct thought pattern, process of development is fragmented. That is continuously breeding various kinds of deprivations in all spheres of human life spiritually as well as materialistically. Stress, depressions, alienations, Poverty hunger and slums are also few out of them that are no doubt the illegitimate yield of fragmented development processes.
Fake leaders of whole but the true leaders of the developed fragments of the world in reality always stress to feed poor’s, only to keep them alive without human dignity to get their labor at the cost they want to give them .They never think sincerely to devise the system that can change the framework of fragmented development to framework of holistic development.
Deprivations are not the problem but symptoms. To feed the hungry people is a short term measure or a pain killer but can never be a lasting solution or remedy. The problem lies in the process that breeds the deprivations persistently.
In the present world, human intelligence has to become serious as well as sensitive to stop the continuous breeding of deprivations in different sphere of life. No doubt the factual changes has taken the fragments of present civilization to new soaring heights but it will not survive for long if the intelligence continuously remain insensitive for the qualitative changes that are desperately required for the perpetuation of whole .
These problems will remain until the leading forces in the diverse sphere of life does not get ready to correct and up grade their thought patterns in the directions that creates harmony among man, society, and environment.
The solution is to change the strategy of fragmented development, (that means develop the fragment in the fragment for the fragment at the cost of whole), to the strategy of the holistic development, (that means develop the whole for the whole in the whole without destroying the whole.)

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