Friday, October 16, 2009


Where there is no leadership the people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14)” Bible quotes
Above quote has born in the mind that is working in the world of bounded intelligence but has the empty ideal to safe the world. And would-
In the absence of leadership followers want their recognition in the society. And starts using the static wealth of knowledge (that is bound to decay in the world of bounded intelligence) left by the great leaders.
Firstly they put fear of fall in the mind of man and society and then conditioned them for safety .And blunt the possibilities for new leadership to emerge to take the man and society ahead from the point where the great leader has left the society.
The followers or the counselors make the late leader something like god and become his disciples to get the throne of counselors to enjoy the legitimacy given to them by the society in the absence of true leadership
These counselor can be compared with the so-called modern democrats they always shun the new knowledge and protect their power by banning the new knowledge to emerge in the name of culture ,in the name of maintaining law and order ,their schooling ,preaching, earning, and ruling patterns blunt all the possibilities for the emergence of new thought patterns .
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”- Bible quotes
It also means that world that is ruled by the rich would never become a kingdom of God so all the poor’s condition themselves to live in miseries in the hope that they would enjoy the fruits in the other utopian world of God.This is the thought that appears good for the people who are engulfed by bounded intelligence, well conditioned to enjoy the bounded intelligence. This thought has the potential to maintain the fake peace in the world that is full of disparities and deprivations without developing the time-bound blueprint to assure the human dignity to every person living in the world .Above quote make the environment suitable for the Hippocrates to rule the world without accountability to the deprived sections.And don’t support the environment to go ahead to find out new thought patterns that have inbuilt capacity to expose the Hippocrates any where any time .
This world has always been ruled by bounded intelligence it can be proved by the fact that
The true leaders has always been compelled to start their journey from the starting point bounded intelligence has never given them the opportunity to start from the point where the true leader has left the world
As swami vivekanand said
When you go on the path of truth man and society ridicule you, reject you and in the last accept you
It always happens with the true leaders because the bounded intelligence is capable enough to keep the eyes of man and society shut for eternal truth and keep the eyes wide open for their self interest ignoring the fact that their isolated success is always the scare in the eyes of other and is a greatest source of internal and external conflicts. That continuously sucks the energies of man and society. And turn it into a black hole or shrinking whole
Here I would like to say that the whole world is bound to be ruled by bounded intelligence till it not prepares his mind to apply the scientific outlooks or holistic outlook on their faiths, belief, hopes ideas, thoughts, and ideologies.
I assure the whole world don’t afraid in using the scientific and holistic outlooks in your daily life in the last you would get greatest gift of the God that would have the correct thought patterns where the Hippocrates would not survive and the emergence of the true leadership would become a process.

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