Monday, October 5, 2009


“evil is equally important” But the great question before human intelligence is in how much strength the evils are required.
Let me explain with the help of exampleIn human body doctor inject weak microbes to make your immunity stronger against the diseases. After that we can see human being can enjoy the good health.
Bounded intelligence always failed to answer this question, that’s why it has no practical thought pattern to keep the evils in their limit that is essential to flourish the humanity. And you see every where evils are growing out of proportion .But bounded intelligence provide safety cocoon for the fake leaders, managers, spiritual gurus to enjoy comfort zone, and also provide ideological shield to efficiently hide the insensitive self interest of powerful fragments .This ideological shield make the powerful fragment able to enjoy at the cost of whole and direct the whole towards destruction Bounded intelligence does not have the quality to develop the thought pattern to limit the evils in their boundaries because in the end it always become the victim of evils and start generating evils in other forms . that’s why the eternal intelligence is required because it has inbuilt capacity and insight to create spontaneously the thought patterns that can make the system, capable to keep the evils in their required limit,without giving them opportunities to grow out of proportion.

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