Sunday, October 18, 2009


Arthshastra was written specially for rulers to make them able to ruthlessly consolidate and expand their rule all over in their surroundings.
But the stories of panchtantra are the folk tales of medieval period. Those are being told even in the modern period
Both the books advise the readers that don’t be superstitious in the name of god or the rituals but use them as a tool to exploit the superstitious community to enhance your acceptability as a leader in them.
Both the books are nice piece of work to understand the hold and acceptance of bounded intelligence, in the whole world.
Writers of both the books don’t have the vision about the finite resources of the planet
Writers of both the books show that any thing can be sacrificed for the sake of self interest.
Both the books develop the vision that success is ultimate and should be achieved at any cost.
Both the books trains and condition the human intelligence to play all the outrageous games in the mask of divine power or in the mask of truth and justice for all.
These books establish the fact that violence is must to get the solutions, and for all the evils, isolated men can be held responsible, and to maintain the peace they must be executed
Both the books make the man able, to efficiently manage the continuously fighting fragments, to write his own success story at the cost of whole.
These books don’t focus on the genesis of evils, to find out the lasting solutions for the humanity
In the light of eternal intelligence these books are very good piece of work for ambitious but bounded minds, in the world where the majority supports the norms and values of bounded intelligence, to get astounding success at the cost of whole (just like termites )
These books have enough potential to empty the inner world and external world of human kind and have no ability to develop the fruitful, vibrant, give and take relationship among the fragments and the whole.
So ultimately the norms and values of these books can’t help human kind to find out the lasting solutions for his very typical and multifaceted problems
In the light of eternal intelligence, the point of views of these books for modern world, that is equipped with enormous destructive powers, are just like knives in the hand of monkeys
Now Modern world should get aware that it has lot of poison in their thought patterns and feel patterns, supported by their cultures
21st century desperately requires the new knowledge to find out the lasting solutions to the problems modern world.
So the super minds of the world should come ahead and take up the responsibility to reduce the strength of poison present in the different cultures of the world and pave the way to new vibrant culture that can develop and maintain the basic principle of give and take for the longevity of whole.
And make the human kind able to leave the fruitful heritage for the generations to come .

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