Friday, October 2, 2009


Love is an intrinsic quality of human being that is eternal, it never comes and goes. Once it is realized by human it is bound to bloom like an escalating whole to encompass the whole world. Its cycle can never go back. Love is like an eternal fragrance that can spread wider and wider, unable to confine in boundaries or in fragments.
Truth is that love has no opposites, but because love has been a very rarest of rare phenomenon in the history of human kind that`s why the spirit of the word` love’ has been robbed by the dominant cultures, people have forgotten the meaning of love and The word love degraded to the bottom.
The bonding between friends, husband and wife, parents and children is the product of affinity that is required to sustain the integral parts of the whole in the framework of whole and pave the way for the perpetuation of whole. Affinity is a basic instinct that is found in almost every living being. The love though exist in every human being but could not be discovered by humans due to the presence of affinity that always camouflage as love in the absence of true knowledge. The dominant culture has always been mistaken, affinity as love and do not know what the love is that’s why the human being an eternal source of holistic energy, don’t strive for it. It is a known fact that man can do what he thinks and understand. But due to unawareness about the love he fails to realize it.
Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi were the persons who in true sense realize the love and there love was not confined in boundaries and their love bloomed like an escalating whole.
If we sincerely understand the meaning of love and spread the meaning of love there is no doubt that in the coming years the man, an eternal source of holistic energy would strive to realize the love and the world would never starve for the persons like Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha.

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