Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Most of us are just like the small fishes in the ocean don`t know the value of their surroundings, take birth and die without having the knowledge, how the surroundings are essential for their life, and significant for the perpetuation of life .
But fishes has liberty to do so because they can`t hurt the surroundings so the delicate balance between the fishes and the surroundings spontaneously maintained.
But the man can’t enjoy this liberty for long.
The human kind is eating the resources of this planet in much faster pace then the pace of planet to reproduce them again.
it is really going to be horrible for the generations to come.
Widespread disparity, uncontrolled population growth, and greed for conspicuous consumptions, multiplied with extinction of various kind of flora and fauna, and continuously increasing threats to life supporting cycles of mother nature is going to be a greatest challenge before human kind to protect and perpetuate the life in a peaceful manner in the years to come.
Green house effect, Global warming, Depletion of ozone layer and Melting of ice cover of the planet are the symptoms that are posing threats for the life at the planet.
Above mentioned problem is the greatest problem or riddle which is gradually developing to pose a greatest challenge before human intelligence.
Though this problem has been generated by isolated fragments, in that human being are well conditioned to live .but the problem has taken the global shape so the solution would be global.
Here the question arise how these isolated fragments would be able to reach a amicable solution when their thought patterns are still following the process of fragmentation. They are only wearing the mask of unity but in reality living with deep rooted conflicts.
Human race is now getting ready for another kind of great disorder in the world.
The first and second world war took place in the world history because of the insatiable greed of the concerned fragments to gain as much as they can.
Now the fearful isolated fragments have started thinking safe and secure their fragment as much as they can.
Global problems can never be solved in the framework of fragments, human kind must understand it as early as possible.
In place of dancing with the celebrities or highlighting them, super minds should start pondering with human kind and address the great questions before the humanity.
The quest for the new knowledge and thought patterns must be on that can tackle the problems holistically to bring about the peaceful and amicable solutions.
In this scenario it is must for human kind to be wise enough to get ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of truth.Only then human intelligence would be able to discover the new thought patterns in the light of truth for holistic survival of life on this planet.

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