Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spontaneous self confidence and Significance of the eternity in human life.

Spontaneous self confidence is an integral part of the eternity present in human body.That never goes high in prosperity or low in adversity. And has ability to face any kind of situation with keen curiosity keeping the intelligence fully alive with cool mind.It is an escalating cyclic whole which you can realize but can never build.But no doubt you can imitate it.That’s what we are doing in the absence of correct thought patterns.
The problem here is that man has forgotten that he is a greatest intelligent design of God enriched with enormous eternity in finite shape. In the absence of correct thought patterns he is mere a bundle of memories now. A mere tool in the hand of bounded intelligence.
Owing to unawareness about the eternity inside the finite body we fails to understand the eternal potential we have that can place us in a space to bloom like an escalating whole.
The feel that connects you to the work you are doing and you forget yourself in the work. This feel generate the spontaneous self confidence. That makes you free from fears, greed and preconceptions.
Your performances that time become astounding. It is only spontaneous self confidence that make jinna,osho, sachin tendulker amitabh,lata mangeshker …) when these people do there work they completely lost themselves in their acts. In the absence of correct thought pattern
These people enjoy the spontaneous self confidence in pieces. There is always the possibility that they feel very low in some situations .There are lot of example when celebrities commits the suicide.
So it is must for the whole world to know what the real self confidence is, what the eternity is ,and what the great role it can play in turning the history of human kind from shrinking whole to blooming whole.
In the present world when we have almost forgotten the eternity inside us. In the absence of correct thought pattern we are confused by present spiritual, or management gurus and they take us to the artificial meditation, artificial self confidence, artificial leadership qualities, and artificial management techniques, that are completely lacking spontaneous sensitivity, love and dignity of human being. These fake thought patterns make the human being instrument in the hand of insensitive institutions that exploit their potential in the booming period and kick them out in the adverse situations. These institutions are fair weather friends of human beings. Cannot handle the recession, depression, poverty, and hunger efficiently in terms of human dignity and human rights. Their performance charts are continuously revealing these cruel facts.
These institutions and thought patterns are flowers without fragrance that’s why I call them artificial flowers.
Once mark twain said, “If you are in a majority, it is a right time that you should start correcting yourself”.As far as human culture knows that in the entire universe Man is the only true piece of eternity in finite shape blessed with the quality to realize the eternal aspects of life.
Let me remind the whole world thathuman being is an eternal source of holistic energy .He is blessed with the eternal flowers of love, curiosity intelligence; confidence….God has blessed him with lot of eternal flowers in his finite body.But because all of us are trained by the insensitive cultures, we have to look at the things which are eternal in finite shapes.That’s why you always mistake in perceiving the eternal aspects of human being as a finite object, and start trying to build them like TV, car, dam etc.
Eternal aspects of human being can be discovered, revealed and can be realized but can never be build, or preserved like finite objects.In the absence of correct thought pattern eternal human intelligence very easily trapped in the wrong notions of insensitive intelligence that never wants him to become sensitive, and take advantage of you in the booming period and desert you in adverse situations.
Fragmented personalities feel artificially confident in the prosperity and feel low in the adversity.
Without realizing the eternal aspects you can only become the fragmented personality that cannot enjoy the wholesome personality .
But holistic personalities owing to eternity that has inbuilt nature to expand like universe,always enjoy the spontaneous self confidence to march ahead in any kind of situation. And has the ability to break every barrier that confines, and restricts eternal, infinite potential of human being.But as I mentioned earlier man has become a bundle of memories, deliberately or ignorantly he always restricts his eternal potential
.Let me take out one quote from the bundle of memories, man can do only those things about what he thinks.
Now it is up to human being that he should realize the eternity and expand like a universe or being a bundle of memories go to become a bonsai.

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