Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The man who is trapped in bounded intelligence and also considered as an intellectual leader in the mainstream of the present world will answer it in the words given below-
"I would like to be predictable for my own fragment ( sect, organization, institution....) to gain the faith of it and to assure it, ,just to make my credibility and leadership undisputable in the fragment.
but for other fragments I would like to be unpredictable to protect my secrets to gain and maintain the supremacy of my fragment on other fragments,at any cost.
The man with bounded intelligence is bound to sacrifice the truth for the realization of his fragmented goals ,this is a continuous process that is destroying the whole or the harmony of man , society and environment.
For the sake of his distorted self he is bound to wear different mask at different point of times.
Man with bounded intelligence can live in the illusion that he can remain unpredictable for others.
But before the man with eternal intelligence he is always predictable because eternal intelligence knows that bounded intelligence is always a poison for whole.
Now let me take up the case of man with eternal intelligence -
Man with eternal intelligence is always predictable for everybody because he lives wholesome life,he never breaks the rules of eternal truth,he is self disciplined and being a tool in the hands of god (eternal truth) spontaneously works for the sake of human being,society and environment in a holistic way .
But as eternal truth has kept the inbuilt element of uncertainty in designing the order of events, (without disturbing the holistic process) by taking a clue from here bounded intelligence can deliberately or ignorantly mistake him as unpredictable.
But the truth is that eternal intelligence has no need to wear the mask and has inbuilt mechanism to unmask the distorted selves any where in the world.
Now let me take up the case of me
"once human mind stretched to eternal intelligence he can never goes back to the original dimensions of bounded intelligence"
So my answer to this question is that-
I am always predictable for everybody in terms of process.

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